Holiday Half-Off Special Offer

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Thanksgiving has come and gone (at least it has here in the US) and Christmas is right around the corner. What better gift can you give than a premium WordPress theme from Zidalgo? Okay, maybe a WordPress theme won’t make a great gift since you can’t really wrap it or stuff it in stockings. What you can do though is check off the item on your 2010 to-do list that says something along the lines of “Update my website with a better design.”

Well, now is your chance to mark off that to-do item by taking advantage of our Holiday Half-Off Special Offer. All themes are discounted by at least 50%. Get them while you can!

We wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season!


GoldenSky – Premium Wordpress Theme Released!

on Oct 18 in Premium Wordpress Themes, Zidalgo News by Admin

GoldenSky has been in development for a while now and we are very pleased to announce that this long-awaited theme is finally ready! GoldenSky is ready to take your website to the next level, whether for business or for blogging.

GoldenSky is a two-column, Wordpress 3.x, widget ready, and ad ready theme. It is extremely customizable and has a wide-range of controllable features included in the new Zidalgo theme options panel, such as: 3 color schemes, controllable sidebar, Custom Menu support, ad management, and lots more. The new theme options panel makes it MUCH easier for you to get started and customize the theme to fit your needs, but in case you still have troubles, we are here to help! 100% Valid XHTML/CSS, cross-browser tested.

Feature List / More Information / Purchase
Demo 1 – Default Blue
Demo 2 – Optional Black
Demo 3 – Optional White


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Lot’s of changes coming to Zidalgo!

on Feb 16 in Premium Wordpress Themes, Zidalgo News, wordpress themes by Admin

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates to our blog. We will be keeping this up to date for now on. I would also like to take this time to thank all of our loyal customers. Your comments are much appreciated!

So, what’s going on at Zidalgo?

New Host (again):

For one, we are moving the site and demo sites to a new server. This should be completed within a couple days from now, and we do not expect any downtime in the process. If you do see a problem however, please report it to us and we will be ever so grateful.

More premium themes on the way!

We are in the process of creating three new themes. One is approved and is in the process of being whipped up into a premium WordPress theme as I type this. We are very excited about the new theme because it is designed so that it can be used on just about any type of site (blog, or business). I will create a new post for this theme and include some screenshots in the very near future. Stay tuned!

New Helpdesk system:

Customer support via the forum has it’s place and we still plan on using it. However, we feel that there is a need for a full ticket based helpdesk system for escalated issues in regards to actual bugs that may be found in our themes, or support for paid work that we do for customers who want us to modify their themes for them. We also plan on offering live support through a live support chat system called UserInteract.com.

That’s all for now. Please check back for more premium wordpress themes and updates!


$20 ‘Minimal Wordpress’ theme – Get it while it lasts!

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minimal-wordpress-themeWe’ve had so much love over our free theme Modicus Remix, we thought we’d give it a total refresh. Numerous features have been added, as well as a stable framework for the theme to easily be expanded on. Including new features from WP 2.9, as well as many requests from our users, we’re confident we’ve put together something everyone can be excited about.

Get the upgrade to our free Modicus Remix theme today for only 20 bucks, and see all the expansive new features waiting to be played with. The theme features an inherent theme options page in your wordpress admin, so you can easily customize all aspects and layout of the theme. Not to mention, as with any theme purchase, you get access to all our support including personal e-mail assistance, free theme install, and community forums.

Feature list and product information here

Demo here

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“Auto-Update” your wordpress themes?

on Nov 25 in General Wordpress by Admin

Recently we’ve considered adding an ‘auto-update’ function to our wordpress themes, allowing users to instantly update the template files to their theme. However this proposes many concerns. Primarily, user-modification of their template. Just like a plugin, if you modify it, then update it, you’ll lose any custom edits you did to the actual files.

Currently, our demographic of customers, who are web developers themselves, would not find this feature useful I don’t think. Infact, without proper disclaimers on the update feature, it could be disastrous. Currently our updates are posted through our client newsletter, or forums. Updates are usually sent as individual file or code snippet replacements. Though few and far between, sometimes they can be important if Wordpress decided to change anything about its templating system.

So I ask this, what is the best way you want to receive wordpress theme updates as a customer?

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Playtime – Video Wordpress Theme Released!

on Nov 23 in Premium Wordpress Themes, Zidalgo News by Admin

A long time in the making, playtime video theme for wordpress is released! Bringing together the best in design and coding, we’ve created the ultimate video theme for your wordpress powered website.

Playtime is THE premium video theme created for wordpress sites that center around publishing media to their visitors. With advanced, easy-to-use features such as video embedding, featured content slider, automatic post thumbnails, theme options, custom coded widgets, and much more, Playtime surpasses all other video themes. Playtime is extremely unique and has a wide-range of exclusive features you wont find in any other theme. Comes with a special ‘goodie basket’ packed full of awesome extras! 100% Valid XHTML/CSS, cross-browser tested.

Feature List / More Information / Purchase
Live Demo


Click to view

Click to view

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Themes we are working on – part 1: Video Theme.

on Sep 09 in Zidalgo News by Christopher Anderton

Update: Theme is now available here

It’s time for a hectic autumn. I just finished the design of 3 new themes. And Brad are in the works of transforming my first of the three designs to a smashing WordPress Theme.
Here is a peek of our upcoming video theme.
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Freebie: Lukasiniho’s Office .PSD Resource

on Sep 04 in Freebies by Christopher Anderton

This one is fresh out of the box. A really nice resource with office (not MS Office) illustrations for use in you designs. Made by the 16 year old german Lukasiniho. See more of his works here.

Click to download

Click to download


Weekly freebie: Shelf Pack PSD

on Aug 20 in Freebies by Christopher Anderton

Starting today, every week i will post a weekly freebie. First one up is a fantastic .PSD file with cool shelfs that seems so popular these days. Use them in webpages, apps, or whatever seems fitting.

Totally free.

Click image to download (ZIP)

Click image to download (ZIP)

p.s We got some amazing themes coming up.. Well worth the wait!


LinkPress Nova for WordPress Released!

on Jul 29 in Premium Wordpress Themes, Zidalgo News by Christopher Anderton

LinkPress Nova For WordPress Screenshot

After some delays including hosting problems we are now ready to go!

Head over to http://www.zidalgo.com/link-wordpress-premium-wordpress-theme or see the live demo here.