“Auto-Update” your wordpress themes?

on Nov 25 in General Wordpress by Admin

Recently we’ve considered adding an ‘auto-update’ function to our wordpress themes, allowing users to instantly update the template files to their theme. However this proposes many concerns. Primarily, user-modification of their template. Just like a plugin, if you modify it, then update it, you’ll lose any custom edits you did to the actual files.

Currently, our demographic of customers, who are web developers themselves, would not find this feature useful I don’t think. Infact, without proper disclaimers on the update feature, it could be disastrous. Currently our updates are posted through our client newsletter, or forums. Updates are usually sent as individual file or code snippet replacements. Though few and far between, sometimes they can be important if Wordpress decided to change anything about its templating system.

So I ask this, what is the best way you want to receive wordpress theme updates as a customer?

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