60+ Quality Wordpress Video Tutorials

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wp-tvIf you’ve been struggling to customize your WordPress blog, why not take a look at some of these awesome video tutorials? There are a ton of resources out there, but we’ve gathered what we think is the best of the best in video tutorials. If you have any to add to this list, you really should be posting a comment and letting us know about it now shouldn’t you?

These video tutorials can be taken advantage of in different ways; Learn about WordPress yourself, or send to your clients as a reference to help them get started with using WordPress. If you need somewhere to host your new WordPress blog, I recommend trying ANHosting, just use coupon code ‘GOTAPEX-ROX-BIG-DISCOUNT’ for 3 free months!

Beginner WordPress Tutorials

Customizing Wordpress Tutorials

Wordpress Administration Tutorials

Wordpress SEO Tutorials from web2whizzing.com

WordPress Video Tutorials Collection from weblogtoolsvideos.com

Other Tutorials worth checking out

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  1. Kevin says:

    Great! thanks for sharing those videos

  2. Nice collection, thanks for sharing. I love the design of this blog and the little humorous touches (as well as the spotlights), nicely done!

  3. shraqs says:

    This is awesome. Thanks

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