$20 ‘Minimal Wordpress’ theme – Get it while it lasts!

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minimal-wordpress-themeWe’ve had so much love over our free theme Modicus Remix, we thought we’d give it a total refresh. Numerous features have been added, as well as a stable framework for the theme to easily be expanded on. Including new features from WP 2.9, as well as many requests from our users, we’re confident we’ve put together something everyone can be excited about.

Get the upgrade to our free Modicus Remix theme today for only 20 bucks, and see all the expansive new features waiting to be played with. The theme features an inherent theme options page in your wordpress admin, so you can easily customize all aspects and layout of the theme. Not to mention, as with any theme purchase, you get access to all our support including personal e-mail assistance, free theme install, and community forums.

Feature list and product information here

Demo here

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  1. Great theme again! i like whit-black colors in the theme. have nice blogs for all from Minimal Theme…

  2. Antoine says:

    Here is a very beautiful minimal theme with great features ! Love it !

  3. atlasLee says:

    I am a beginner, can get some help after purchase.

  4. brettskiii says:

    Hi, Sure :)

    Have you purchased already?

  5. atlasLee says:

    I have purchased,
    but, the Forum, with the help seems to be slow.

  6. Brett says:


    I have respnded to your forum post ..


  7. Hi,
    Just purchased your MInimal theme, downloaded the zip, and then tried to upload it to my site. I am getting the following message, though: “The uploaded file could not be moved to /home4/thejapa2/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2010/01.” Why can’t I upload your theme?!

  8. admin says:

    Hi Timothy,

    This seems like an issue with your hosting, not with the theme itself. Have you contacted your hosting provider to check your file access permissions etc? You should unzip the file as well.

    Any further issues be sure to post in the forums :)


  9. asarimo says:

    Hi. I’m having the same problem as Timothy and am getting the same message “The uploaded file could not be moved to /home2/helsink1/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2010/03″
    I have not had a problem installing any other themes except this and modicus remix.

  10. Admin says:

    Hi, can you give me some more information on how you are installing the theme? The best way is to unzip it locally on your computer, then upload the files via FTP to your themes directory. Then, you will see the theme in wp-admin.

  11. stereobeatbox says:

    How can I buy this update?

  12. admin says:

    Hi, Click here to buy the theme.


  13. George says:

    Hi, I’d like to buy this theme but wanted to have a look at the demo first. Your host is down. Can you please look into this when you get a moment? Even the screen shots would do me but again, can’t see them.

  14. Gobler says:

    Resources like the a certain you mentioned here inclination be unusually gainful to me! I pleasure post a concatenate to this recto on my blog. I am unavoidable my visitors will locate that greatly useful.

  15. Admin says:

    George, Sorry for the delays. The demo site is back up as of May 9th. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  16. Steve DeNiro says:

    Is this theme compatible w/ Wordpress 3+. As well what kind of support is there regarding customization. Very interested in purchasing. thanks.

  17. admin says:

    Hi Steve, yes this theme is compatible with WordPress 3.x. We can certainly customize the theme for you. If you would like, send me an e-mail about what you would need done and I will send you a quote. Thanks!

  18. Robby says:

    How to i make a full blank home page with just a photo covering the whole page and certain categories like blog and all my other categories that take me to my blog? An example is the 80s purple welcome page here’s the link i want something just like http://www.80spurple.com/ does anyone know how to create one on wordpress?

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